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Noise Induced Hearing Loss is preventable.

Hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure is permanent. In most cases the hearing loss occurs over time and can happen to anyone who is not consistently using hearing protection. Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers from occupational noise exposure by providing properly-fitted protection and yearly industrial hearing tests to ensure compliance with provincial occupational health and safety regulations for noise exposure.


What we Provide

Hearing tests conducted on-site in our mobile testing facility.

Education on the hazards of occupational noise and how to limit exposure.

Samples of appropriate hearing protection devices and instructions on how to use them.

Test results submitted to WorkSafeBC on the employers' behalf.

Don't risk costly fines by not complying with Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 7.8.

Who should get tested?

All firms that employ workers who are exposed to occupational noise exceeding exposure limits must ensure that their workers receive an annual hearing test administered by an authorized Industrial Audiometric Technician.

What is the cost of testing?

Construction firms with workers in a classification unit beginning with 72 have pre-paid for their employees' annual hearing test provided that their WorkSafeBC insurance premiums are paid up to date. We get paid for our services by WorkSafeBC after we submit the results of your workers' hearing test.

Firms with workers not in a classification unit beginning with 72 pay for annual tests at a rate negotiated between the firm and PR Industrial Hearing.

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How do I get my workers tested?

Contact Jerald Formby, Authorized Industrial Audiometric Technician at 604-208-3334. Provide him with your WorkSafeBC Account Number and Classification Unit Number. This information can be found on your most recent WorkSafeBC Statement.

Let PR Industrial Hearing help you make your workplace safe.


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